Your 12 Week Guide: to the Gym

The book: Your 12 Week Guide to the Gym.
The thinking: With busy lives at home and at work lots of people find they don’t make time to exercise. But they are looking for a solution that fits in with their lifestyle.
The concept: To offer a gradual but steady gym programme (that can be carried out at home or in a gym) and guides the reader to a definable goal: from the armchair to a Full Body Workout race in 12 weeks.
The structure: Following the opening section describing how to use the book there are 12 chapters, one for each week the reader needs to follow. Each week sets out a goal, a daily programme of exercise (and rest), plus tips on nutrition, sleep and mental fitness.
Words and pictures: Written by someone who was baffled at the machinery when he first visited the gym but within months was matching his trainer, an ex-Navy fitness instructor, stride for stride. The weekly programme was devised by a personal trainer. Illustrated with colour photographs.
Sold in: UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.