Your 12 Week Guide: to Swimming

The book: Your 12 Week Guide to Swimming.
The thinking: Life pressures can come in all forms: from your boss, your finances, even your family and friends. And these pressures often mean we put keeping fit and healthy to the back of the queue. But most of us want to fix that.
The concept: To offer a gradual but steady swimming programme that guides the reader to a definable goal: from the armchair to a 400-metre swim in 12 weeks.
The structure: Following the opening section describing how to use the book there are 12 chapters, one for each week the reader needs to follow. Each week sets out a goal, a daily programme of exercise (and rest), plus tips on nutrition, sleep and mental fitness.
Words and pictures: Written by someone who loves his armchair has loves to take on physical and sporting challenges of all shapes and sizes and write about them. The weekly programme was devised by a triathlete who has completed an Ironman-distance race that included a 3.86km swim. Illustrated with colour photographs.
Sold in: UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.