293 Things Every Man Should Know

The book: 293 Things Every Man Should Know.
The thinking: From learning how to knot a tie correctly to using chopsticks without dropping your sushi, modern life can be a minefield for a modern man. And that’s without the little problems of starting a car battery or which paint to use when decorating the spare room.
The concept: To pack a book full of useful info and cover ‘just about everything’ possible, while still keeping to the target of 293 Things (the limit modern man can digest, but that’s the 294th Thing so it’s not in the book).
The structure: Broken down into sections such as Fashion and fags, food and drink, Driving and dating, this is a book you can sit and read in a few hours or simply dip into from time to time.
Words and pictures: Written by an ex-GQ editor and illustrated with fun line art.
Sold in: South Africa, Namibia and other southern African countries.