A Football Fan’s Guide to Europe

The book: A Football Fan’s Guide to Europe.
The thinking: There’s been a boom in European football and with the rise of cheap travel this mean more people are travelling to watch games in exciting European cities.
The concept: To create a guide for travelling football fans that provides them with all the essential information they need for the game (ticket lines, transport links, club statistics) but also what to do after the game (from casinos to museums to bars and restaurants).
The structure: Guides to 26 countries, 49 cities and 61 clubs, plus club and international statistics.
Words and pictures: Written by a Sunday Times football writer and a travel expert. Illustrated with colour photos and maps.
Sold in: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and Indonesia, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil.
The quote: "Book of the Week: For the fan who likes to plan a football journey with precision" – Mail on Sunday.