Daniel Ford

At the age of six Head Snail Daniel produced his first publication, made up of typed articles, lots of correction fluid and pics cut from magazines, which he photocopied and sold at school for five pence (Extent: 12pp, Size: 210mm x 297mm, Binding: saddle stitched).
Today, as the man responsible for all Chase My Snail book concepts from start to finish, he promises that while the quality has improved the passion remains the same.
Based in London, England and Johannesburg, South Africa Daniel has many years experience as a writer, editor, publisher and consultant for books, magazines and newspapers in the UK, USA, Italy, South Africa and India.
He was the editor of GQ (South Africa) for five years and prior to that, the editor of the Sunday magazine for Independent Newspapers.
He consulted to the SABC to convert its most popular lifestyle TV show to print format, as well as numerous other publications across the world. He also launched the successful Two Dogs book imprint with Penguin Random House, was CEO of pan African design magazine, Ogojiii, and has written numerous sports, travel and humour books.
His experience across all fields of publishing means he has a keen eye at each level of every project.
He likes… nothing more than standing in a bookstore and seeing someone buy one of his books, hearing that someone has downloaded it as an e-book or simply seeing an order for a co-edition book from an international publisher.